When considering moving to Colombia, living in Colombia or even just visiting the country there are many aspects you want to keep in mind besides choosing the perfect city or maybe getting your Colombian resident visa.

Due to the situation our world is currently living in, it is safe to say we no longer exist in the same reality as we did some years ago. Everything around us has transformed into the actual needs of modern society.

Colombia recently became the center of the conversation worldwide and no wonder as to why this is happening, since the past presidential elections in the country have been highly…

Colombia’s economy is one of the biggest pros when considering Colombia as your next destination or even your next home.

The Colombian economy grew 10.6% in 2021, experiencing an economic boom in the past few years because of its abundant natural resources, growth in technology, construction, mining, shipbuilding and tourism.

Whether you’re considering moving directly to Colombia and setting up your own company, or even investing in Colombia from afar, there’s some insight worthy of your attention as to the legal terms regarding the corporate and business panorama in Colombia.

Retiring in Medellín comes with many benefits provided by the city, starting off with the incredible low costs and high quality of living. Currently, the cost of living in Medellín is 70% less than living in the United States while still offering a great amount of luxuries and amenities, including rent, utilities, telephone, internet, cable, food, entertainment and public transportation.