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Our vision as a business group is inspired by excellence, loyalty and transparency. Our clients are our reason to be, this as a fundamental pillar allows us to offer the highest standards of attention and service provision, with comprehensive strategies that optimize processes and resources in order to be the best allies at the right time.

"We provide effective and comprehensive solutions".

Focus areas

At Nexo Legal we have an interdisciplinary team that aims to provide effective and comprehensive solutions to our clients in following focus areas:


Our advice focuses in providing legal solutions tailored to your unique needs, offering the most appropriate strategy for their resolution.



We advise people and companies with tax structuring and planning amongst others* We generate awareness of tax risk and prevent it by providing a clear and complete understanding of their tax obligations in order to confidently make the right decisions.



We offer complete legal support throughout the immigration process, identifying the most appropriate visa option for each particular case.

Attributes and benefits

Why Nexo Legal

At Nexo Legal we are always available to you, we believe that timely and assertive communication is the ideal vehicle to build bonds of trust and to give you the peace of mind you deserve, we will focus our full and dedicated attention to your case, with the commitment to deliver an excellent and high quality service. With us you will always find an answer to your concerns. Our highly trained team does not focus in providing solutions for your immediate case, it also takes into consideration measures that ensure the development of your projects and fulfillment of your goals.

We seek to provide legal, commercial, immigration, tax, accounting and real estate solutions aimed to support you in the defense of your interests, identifying the risks to which you are exposed in order to manage them in the most efficient and safe way possible, providing a comprehensive service that with the accompaniment of attorneys, accountants and international negotiators; specialized in areas of law such as corporate, commercial, tax, compliance risk, immigration, administrative, among others.

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To our clients and the protection of their interests.


As a pillar in the provision of our services.


Shown in the execution of our compromises.


Guaranteeing a bond of trust and security amongst the client and our team.


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