M - Beneficiary Visa

The Beneficiary Visa is one of the Colombian visa types designed for foreigners who economically depend on or are family members of another foreigner holding a Migrant or Resident visa.

Therefore, the Beneficiary Colombian Migrant visa enables partners and children (immediate family) and even parents of the M visa holder (if they economically depend on him/her) to obtain the visa as well. 

This visa permits them to stay in the country for up to three years, or the same duration as the principal holder’s visa validity. Additionally, a beneficiary visa holder is permitted to work with this visa type, and it allows beneficiaries to study in Colombia. The M – Beneficiary visa is granted for up to three years and enables the applicant to apply for Colombian Residency after holding it for five years.

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What are the requirements to apply for the Colombian M - Beneficiary Visa?

Document size digital picture of the applicant on a photography shop (3×4 Cm White background).

Copy of your passport’s main page.

The applicant must provide an updated marriage or birth certificate that proves the relation with the main visa holder. Additionally, they must ensure that the certificate is recently apostilled and translated into Spanish.


Main holder current visa.

If the main holder visa was issued more than six (6) months (M type) or two (2) years (R type) ago, the applicant must present an updated Migratory Movements Certificate issued by Migración Colombia.

The main visa holder must sign a financial responsibility letter.


What are the costs of the Colombian M - Beneficiary Visa?

Administrative Study Rate Fee

$54 USD

Administrative Issuing Fee

$270 USD

Cédula de Extranjería Issuing Fee

$246,000 COP *$60 USD Approximately

Apostille Process 

$140 USD – $170 USD* Prices for our partners in the US.

**Carrying out this process personally in your country of origin could minimize costs.

**Prices may vary according to the country.


$25,000 COP per resultant page

Information you should know about the Colombian
M - Beneficiary Visa

How long is the Colombian M - Beneficiary Visa granted for?

It is granted for up to 3 years

Does the M - Beneficiary Visa allow me to work in Colombia?

This is one of the Colombian Visa Types that specifically allows you to work or engage in lawful activity in Colombia.

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