V - Student Visa

If planning to study in Colombia, the Visitor Student Visa type may be the right visa for you, as long as you have proof of enrollment by an Accredited Institution and funds to pay for the mentioned studies. 

The V category Student Visa applies specifically if you will study in Colombia for a short period of time. 

This is a short-term kind of visa in which you will be required to present documents such as proof of enrollment at an educational center legally established in Colombian territory, specifying the study program you will follow and the number of hours, along with the certification of admission or payment of enrollment, the mentioned institution must be recognized by the Colombian government. 

Additionally, you must present proof that you have the financial solvency to stay in Colombian territory for as long as your studies last.


What are the requirements to apply for the Colombian V - Student Visa?

Document size digital picture of the applicant on a photography shop (3×4 Cm White background).

Copy of your passport’s main page.

Copy of the last entry, exit or safe-conduct stamp (It depends on the location of the foreigner).

A Copy of the last Colombian visa (if applicable).

If invited, provide a written request from the Colombian host or foreign citizen holding a Permanent Resident (R) visa specifically including contact information, a letter or document accrediting financial solvency for the foreigner and his/her stay in and departure from Colombia.

Acceptance letter or certificate of enrollment by the corresponding academy or institution indicating the grade or program for which you were admitted or enrolled and its duration.

In case of student internships, paid or unpaid, communication from the educational institution that endorses it and indicating the duration of the activity.

Bank statements of the applicant or the person supporting the application for six (6) months prior to the visa application, that proves monthly income of at least ten (10) Minimum Legal Monthly Wages in Force (SMMLV).

For second and subsequent visas, certification from the entity of attendance and completion of the course, studies, or internship for which the visa was issued.

Health policy with coverage in the national territory against all risks for your stay in the country.

Others requested at the time of acceptance.

What are the costs of the Colombian V - Student Visa?

Administrative Study Rate Fee

$12 USD

Administrative Issuing Fee

$51 USD

Cédula de Extranjería Issuing Fee

$246,000 COP *$60 USD Approximately

Information you should know about the Colombian
V - Student Visa

How long is the Colombian V - Student Visa granted for?

It is granted for up to 2 years

Does the V - Student Visa allow me to work in Colombia?

This visa allows postgraduate students to work up to 20 hours per week with prior authorization

Does the V - Student Visa allow for the application of beneficiaries?

This visa does NOT allow application for beneficiaries, except in the case of postgraduate students​

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