V - Business Processes Visa

Granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Visitor Business Processes Visa is one of the Colombian visa types granted for a maximum of 2 years and intended for business activities inside the country.

This visa is meant for those who specifically work at foreign corporations but are interested in investigating the Colombian markets or considering investing in Colombia.

To properly apply for the Visitor Business Processes Colombian visa type, it is essential to keep in mind that presenting a letter explaining the purposes of the foreigner in Colombia, along with bank statements and detailed business plans, is mandatory.


What are the requirements to apply for the Colombian V - Business Processes Visa?

Document size digital picture of the applicant on a photography shop (3×4 Cm White background).

Copy of your passport’s main page.

Copy of the last entry, exit or safe-conduct stamp (It depends on the location of the foreigner).

A Copy of the last Colombian visa (if applicable).

If it is a personal application or supported by a natural person:

A letter explaining the activities to be developed in the country as well as a planned agenda must be provided. This letter should be signed by the entity and/or the applicant.

If invited, ensure to provide a written request from the Colombian host or foreign citizen holding a Permanent Resident (R) visa, including contact information. Additionally, include a letter specifically accrediting the financial solvency for your stay in and departure from Colombia.

The applicant or the supporting person must provide bank statements for six (6) months prior to the visa application. These statements must specifically prove a monthly income of at least ten (10) Minimum Legal Monthly Wages in Force (SMMLV).

If it is an application supported by a legal entity:

The application requires the legal representative of the legal entity or the supporting person to sign a letter. This letter must specifically include full identification of the entity, contact details, identification of the applicant, reason for the trip, duration, and an explanation of the relation and economic responsibility declaration for expenses.

If the institution or company supporting the application is privately incorporated abroad, ensure to specifically provide a Certificate of existence duly apostilled and translated.

To provide proof of cash flow, you should present the bank statements of the institution or company corresponding to the three (3) months prior to the application. However, public entities do not need to comply with this requirement.

Others requested at the time of acceptance.

What are the costs of the Colombian V - Business Processes Visa?

Administrative Study Rate Fee

$54 USD

Administrative Issuing Fee

$252 USD

Cédula de Extranjería Issuing Fee

$246,000 COP *$60 USD Approximately

Information you should know about the Colombian
V - Business Processes Visa

How long is the Colombian V - Business Processes Visa granted for?

It is granted for up to 2 years

Does the V - Business Processes Visa allow me to work in Colombia?

This is one of the Colombian Visa Types that does NOT allow you to work in Colombia

Does the V - Business Processes Visa allow for the application of beneficiaries?

No, this visa does NOT allow the application of beneficiaries

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