Visa M - Work

If your case is that you have a job offer in Colombia, the Migrant Work visa is the visa for you. The requirements to obtain the Work Migrant Visa are based on the fact that you have a job in Colombia and you will be employed in the country. 

Before applying to this visa and as a fundamental requirement you will need to have a work contract regarding the activity you will carry out in Colombia. 

The Colombian Migrant Work Visa can be valid for the duration of the work as long as it does not exceed the three years calendar period, and it is really relevant to keep in mind that with the migrant work visa you cannot stay out of the country for more than 6 months, otherwise it will lose its validity. 

Due to the changes on the Colombian visa policy, to apply for the Colombian Work Migrant Visa type, you must prove you own a certification or diploma in the area of expertise you will perform at the mentioned job.

Additionally, some times you may be required to make your degree valid inside the country, that is, registering it to the competent authorities and asking for authorization to practice your degree in Colombia.

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