Visa M - Rentista/Annuity

If you happen to receive periodic income from an accredited legal source, you could be eligible to apply for the Rentista/Annuity visa. 

To apply for the Rentista visa, you must be able to demonstrate you have foreign income (Not from Salary) higher than 10 times the minimum wage, meaning you must prove an income of $10,000,000 COP or about $2,500 USD per month, by the time this post is being written in 2022. 

The Rentista or Annuity visa is commonly requested by entrepreneurs. 

The Rentista Colombian Migrant visa can be reapplied every time it is about to expire and does not allow you to work in Colombia, it is also subject to being canceled if you happen to stay outside of the country for 6 or more consecutive months.

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