Visa V - Medical treatments

Specified for those who require medical treatment, if you’re looking to get high quality medical care at lower cost, the Medical Treatment Visitor visa may be the visa for you. 

The V Medical Treatments visa is granted to those whose time of mentioned treatment procedure or procedures are not doable within the time of the regular entry permit, this is, for patients who need to stay in Colombian territory for recovery purposes for more than 6 months after the procedure. 

It is very likely that at your country of origin medical treatments may be expensive, such as esthetic surgeries or even dentist appointments, in Colombia you can pay way less for the top health medical care, although we do advise you to make your proper research and get informed with the according authorities regarding the matter, as medical procedures could still have some risk level. If it seems too cheap to be true in comparison to other local companies, it might be best to avoid. 

According to the present Colombian visa policy, you will be asked to present documents that support the requirements of your specific medical treatment certified by a competent Colombian authority, hospital or clinic  as well as bank statements that prove economic solvency for the total of time you will remain in Colombia, since, with the Medical Treatments Visa, you would not be allowed to work or study in the country.

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