V - Medical Treatments Visa

Specified for those who require medical treatment, if you’re looking to get high quality medical care at lower cost, the Medical Treatment Visitor visa may be the visa for you. 

The V Medical Treatments visa is granted to those whose time of mentioned treatment procedure or procedures are not doable within the time of the regular entry permit, this is, for patients who need to stay in Colombian territory for recovery purposes for more than 6 months after the procedure. 

It is very likely that at your country of origin medical treatments may be expensive, such as esthetic surgeries or even dentist appointments, in Colombia you can pay way less for the top health medical care, although we do advise you to make your proper research and get informed with the according authorities regarding the matter, as medical procedures could still have some risk level. If it seems too cheap to be true in comparison to other local companies, it might be best to avoid. 


What are the requirements to apply for the Colombian
V - Medical Treatments Visa?

Document size digital picture of the applicant on a photography shop (3×4 Cm White background).

Copy of your passport’s main page.

Copy of the last entry, exit or safe-conduct stamp (It depends on the location of the foreigner).

A letter explaining the activities to be developed in the country as well as a planned agenda, which must be signed by the entity and/or the applicant.

Health policy with coverage in the national territory against all risks for your stay in the country.

Letter from the health entity providing the health service stating the type of treatment and estimated duration of the recovery phase.

Letter stating that the costs of the treatment and stay in Colombia will be borne by yourself or by the foreign entity that supports you and in no case will generate services charged to the Colombian health system.

Others requested at the time of acceptance.

What are the costs of the Colombian V - Medical Treatments Visa?

Administrative Study Rate Fee

$55 USD

Administrative Issuing Fee

$270 USD

Cédula de Extranjería Issuing Fee

$246,000 COP *$60 USD Approximately

Apostille Process 

$140 USD – $170 USD* Prices for our partners in the US.

**Carrying out this process personally in your country of origin could minimize costs.

**Prices may vary according to the country.


$25,000 COP per resultant page

Information you should know about the Colombian
V - Medical Treatments Visa

How long is the Colombian V - Medical Treatments Visa granted for?

It is granted for up to 1 year

Does the V - Medical Treatments Visa allow me to work in Colombia?

This visa does NOT allow working or engaging in paid activities in Colombia

Does the V - Medical Treatments Visa allow for the application of beneficiaries?

No, this visa does not allow the application of beneficiaries

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