M - Refugee Visa

The Refugee visa will be granted to those foreigners who wish to enter or had entered the national territory qualifying as a refugee by the National Government, the request will be examined primarily by the Advisory Commission for the Determination of Refugee Status, and in accordance with the international entities regarding the matter.

Allowing you to work, study and live in Colombia, and  just as many other visa types, the Refugee Colombian visa will lose its validity if staying out of Colombia for 6 consecutive months. 

To properly apply for the Refugee Colombian visa, it is important to note that travel documents issued by the Organization of American States (OAS) and the United Nations Organization (UN), accepted by the Colombian State, will be valid and you will need a resolution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, through which the status of refugee or asylee is recognized. 

key information when applying to the colombia digital nomad visa

What are the requirements to apply for the Colombian
M - Refugee Visa?

Document size digital picture of the applicant on a photography shop (3×4 Cm White background).

Copy of your passport’s main page.

Photocopy of the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Relations resolution recognizing the person’s status as a refugee or having been granted asylum.

In the case of practicing a regulated profession, you must present the documents permitting you to practice a regulated profession, such as a certification of equivalence or validation of the professional qualification, the provisional permit to practice or professional card.

What are the costs of the Colombian M - Refugee Visa?

Cédula de Extranjería Issuing Fee

$246,000 COP *$60 USD Approximately

Information you should know about the Colombian
M - Refugee Visa

How long is the Colombian M - Refugee Visa granted for?

It is granted for up to 3 years

Does the M - Refugee Visa allow me to work in Colombia?

This visa allows you to work and engage in any lawful activity in Colombia

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